How to sell agricultural land in Belgium in 2023? – The complete guide

12th September 2023

The market for agricultural land in Belgium has evolved in recent times, attracting growing interest from investors and landowners.However, selling agricultural land requires an understanding of the specific regulations and legal aspects in Belgium. Find out how to sell agricultural land in Belgium in 2023.

Key partners for forest and farm owners

6th July 2023

As a property company specialising in the sale and valuation of character, agricultural and forestry properties, we want to help owners by directing them to reliable partners. This article looks at the important roles played by the “Société Royale Forestière de Belgique”, the NTF Association and the “Fédération Nationale des Experts Forestiers” in the management of agricultural and forestry properties. These three bodies are valuable allies for landowners, offering support and sound advice.

Soil erosion: the impact of the new CAP on agricultural land

24th April 2023

In Wallonia, water erosion of soils causes considerable damage to agricultural crops and roads. To combat soil erosion and protect agricultural plots, Europe and Wallonia have decided to react by devoting a section to erosion in the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) 2023-2027. These new measures will lead to profound changes in soil management.

Buying, renovating, and reselling : what are the financial consequences ?

9 March 2023

The purchase, renovation, and resale of real estate properties are becoming increasingly popular among real estate investors. However, this activity is not without risk and can have significant financial consequences. Before embarking on this practice, it is crucial to understand the costs associated with each stage of this process as well as the potential financial risks that may arise.

5 tips for selling your property successfully

1 February 2023

If you have decided to sell your property, it is important to do everything possible to sell it as quickly as possible and at the right price. In this article, we share with you 5 tips for a successful sale.

Increase in farm coefficients in Wallonia for 2023

12 January 2023

In Wallonia, a large part of the agricultural land is exploited under farm leases. These tenants must therefore pay a “rent” to their lessor. The farm coefficients, which will increase in 2023, make it possible to adjust the amount of this rent.

Farm leases: new model contracts for private and public landlords

1st December 2022

In the Walloon Region, thousands of private and public owners of agricultural land are affected by the legislation on farm leases. The government has made available model contracts for them.

Increase in the price of farmland

14 november 2022

In 5 years, the purchase price of a hectare of agricultural land has increased by 28.4% in Wallonia. But who is driving up the price of farmland ?

Belgian rent indexation : new rules

26 october 2022

You are a landlord, and you were planning to increase your rents ? The rules have changed ! You will now have to comply with the new calculation method based on the Energy Efficiency Index of your building.

Barometer of the Walloon Economic Office for wood

25 november 2021

The new Walloon Economic Office for Wood barometer has been released!
This edition covers in particular:
✔️ Rising stumpage prices
✔️ The big tensions on the oak
✔️ The outbreak of conifers, which is fading somewhat
✔️ The post-Covid recovery, which is boosting many markets

For a century by your side

07 may 2021

This year we are celebrating 100 years of our company! We are proud to have participated in your many real estate projects!
We are always enthusiastic for new collaborations, challenges, meetings (sales, expertise, advice)!
You will find attached the article of the newspaper Le soir dedicated to this anniversary!

Prix des terrains agricoles

12 october 2020

Le prix des terrains agricoles ne cesse d’augmenter.
Découvrez l’intégralité de l’article du journal Le Soir du 08/10/2020 consacré à ce sujet.

Investissements forestiers

12 may 2020

Propriétaires forestiers ou futurs investisseurs (forestiers), découvrez l’article de la Libre du jeudi 7 mai.
Il est vrai que le secteur forestier connait une crise mais investir dans un bois, une forêt, un bout de nature, suscite toujours beaucoup d’engouements et d’intérêts.

La seconde vie des fermes

12 june 2018

Contrairement à ce que l’on pourrait croire, les fermes des siècles passés se vendent encore très bien. Plus leur terrain est grand, plus leur prix est élevé. Et peu importe si les travaux de rénovation à prévoir sont importants…

Voici un article du journal Le Soir du 24 mai 2018 comprenant une interview d’Yves Lange.

Mesures fiscales en Wallonie dès janvier 2018

14 november 2017

Le Gouvernement wallon a adopté ce 7 novembre 2017, l’avant-projet de Décret fiscal qui prévoit plusieurs mesures fiscales, dont les suivantes liées à l’immobilier :

  • L’instauration d’un système d’abattement de 20.000 € sur la base imposable pour une première acquisition d’un bien qui deviendra la résidence principale du redevable. Cette mesure vise à soutenir les jeunes dans l’achat de leur premier logement et générera des droits d’enregistrement moins onéreux.
  • La suppression de la majoration des droits d’enregistrement de 12,5% à 15% dès l’acquisition d’une 3ème habitation en propriété. Cette mesure vise à stimuler l’investissement immobilier sur le territoire wallon.


19 april 2017

Dear customers, we can now offer you aerial images or films via drone.

Petit rappel des obligations en matière de détecteurs de fumée

21 mars 2017

Crédit hypothécaire: Période favorable

17 march 2017

Un article publié ce 8 mars 2017 dans Trends tendances nous explique pourquoi les conditions actuelles favorables à la souscription d’un crédit, ne seront plus longtemps avantageuses dans un avenir proche.

Passion for forests, want to invest ?

15 august 2015

Investing in agricultural lands

12 march 2015

The price of agricultural land

22 february 2015

TV news from 27 July 2014 relating to the prices of agricultural land

Dossier spécial "Terres agricoles"

19 december 2013

Découvrez le dossier de la Libre du 19 décembre, relatif à l’immobilier rural. Il est disponible ici :


15 june 2012

Le journal La LIBRE a sorti un dossier spécial “terres agricoles”. Investissements, prix, bail à ferme…

Le dossier est disponible ici


12 june 2012

Le Comptoir Foncier est maintenant présent sur Facebook. Venez découvrir notre page.

50 hectares of forest?

30 october 2011

We are looking for a minimum of 50 hectares of forest land in Hainaut. Please contact us if you own such a property and you are selling it.


18 august 2010

We suggest you read the article on the opportunities for investment in farmland.


10 november 2009

In order to better market the various properties in France, we have become members of FNAIM and we own a professional title.