Woods and forests

As a property company that has specialised in the sale and valuation of character properties and agricultural and forestry properties for over 100 years, we aim to provide owners with the best possible support and to guide them towards reliable partners.

In this article, we explore the key roles played by the “Société Royale Forestière de Belgique (SRFB)”, the NTF Association and the “Fédération Nationale des Experts Forestiers (FNEF)” in supporting the management of agricultural and forestry properties. These three bodies have established themselves as valuable allies for forest and farm owners, offering invaluable support and a source of sound advice.

The “Société Royale Forestière de Belgique (SRFB)” supports the promotion, protection and sustainable management of forests.

Founded in 1893, the “Société Royale Forestière de Belgique” is dedicated to the promotion, protection and sustainable management of forests. Its main aim is to encourage its members to adopt high-quality, sustainable forestry practices, while providing them with in-depth training in forest management techniques. The association covers all aspects of forestry and pays particular attention to adapting forests to the challenges posed by climate change. SRFB’s actions are guided by four fundamental values: expertise, trust, conviviality and sustainability.

Services offered by SRFB

If you are a member of the company, you have access to 4 services, as well as many other advantages.

  • Stay informed

You will receive Silva Belgica, a bimonthly magazine on forestry and forestry news in Belgium. You will also receive the SRFB newsletter in your mailbox.

  • Take part in training courses

Join other members for field days, coaching, personalised training and ForêtFor cycles.

  • Obtain PEFC certification

As a privileged interlocutor, the SRFB offers invaluable support and advice to forest owners wishing to obtain PEFC certification, which guarantees the sustainable management of forest resources. Thanks to its expertise and close collaboration with forest industry players, the SRFB facilitates the certification process and encourages good forest management practices among private forest owners in Wallonia.

  • Insure your forest plots

The company provides you with civil liability insurance specifically designed to cover forestry-related risks, as well as appropriate fire insurance.

Become a member of SRFB

Are you planning to join SRFB and benefit from all its advantages? Simply complete the online form.

By becoming a member of the SRFB, you also have the opportunity to join and benefit from the services of the association “NTF – Propriétaires ruraux de Wallonie” or “Landelijk Vlaanderen”, depending on the location (Wallonia or Flanders) of your property.

Amifor insurance against forest fires

Amifor is a mutual insurance company specialising in protection against forest fires. It offers insurance cover to forest owners, both private and public, to protect them against the risk of fire affecting their woodland. By choosing Amifor, forest owners benefit from insurance tailored to their specific needs, guaranteeing solid protection in the event of fire. This initiative was created to support foresters by offering them insurance dedicated to their activity, in a spirit of solidarity and risk pooling.

The NTF association, a partner of choice for farm owners.

The “Nature, Terres et Forêts (NTF)” association, founded in 2003, is dedicated to representing and defending the interests of owners of rural assets such as forests and farmland in Wallonia. Faced with an ever-changing, increasingly complex and regulated environment, NTF is committed to defending the moral and material interests of owners in dealings with political decision-makers and rural stakeholders. Its aim is to ensure sustainable management of rural land assets, taking into account economic, social, environmental and cultural aspects.

The role and objectives of NTF

NTF plays an essential role in representing rural landowners, ensuring that their voice is heard and providing advice to its members. The association has achieved significant success through a policy of dialogue with all rural stakeholders.

Some notable successes of the negotiations conducted by NTF for the benefit of rural landowners in Wallonia :

Natura 2000

NTF’s commitment and perseverance have led to a simplification of the procedures required to implement this legislation on the ground.

Compensation for forests in Natura 2000 areas

Compensation of €40 per hectare has been obtained, in addition to the tax benefits granted to all areas included within the designated perimeters (exemption from property tax, inheritance tax and gift tax for agricultural land and forests). NTF also offers individualised assistance to forest owners in implementing Natura 2000 on their land, providing information and administrative support.

Increase in farm coefficients

Thanks to NTF’s action, farm rent coefficients have risen by an average of 35% over three three-year periods, even before the Minister changed the indexation system!

Inheritance and gift tax

 The association’s active participation in negotiations on the 2008 Forestry Code led to the abolition of inheritance and gift tax on the value of forest stands. This saves duties which, even in direct lineage, encourage early felling to meet these costs.

The toolbox for members

The toolbox is an exclusive benefit reserved for members, offering a wide range of practical tools for forest and farmland owners in Wallonia.

It includes standard documents and contracts, as well as the texts of the main laws in force. You will also find information on market prices and markets, which will help you to estimate the value of your property in the event of damage caused by wildlife.

What’s more, the toolbox gives you the chance to take part in group purchases, enabling you to take advantage of special offers on certain products or services.

Become a member of the NTF association

If you would like to join the association to defend your rights as a Walloon rural landowner and benefit from all its advantages, simply fill in the online membership form.

The “Fédération Nationale des Experts Forestiers”, forest and timber professionals at the service of owners

Forestry experts, grouped within the National Federation founded in 1958, have a mission to develop, represent and defend the interests of their profession. The FNEF’s objectives are to ensure compliance with the rules of professional conduct and to draw up a list of competent experts. The Federation also represents its members in dealings with the authorities at regional, national and international level.

Who are the FNEF experts?

All our surveyors have a degree in Agronomy or Bioengineering specialising in Water and Forests. They also work as independent forestry experts or are paid by a private organisation whose main activity is in private forests.

How can the experts help you?

They will be able to provide you with help and advice on reforestation or regeneration projects to make stands more resilient to climate change. In addition to the regeneration premium from which you can benefit, the Region is offering extra help to call on the skills of experts to ensure that projects are adapted to the objective of resilience. This premium can cover up to 80% of the experts’ fees. The conditions governing the granting of this aid can be consulted on the OEWB website.

The forestry experts are also available to study your Natura 2000 sites and advise you on operations to preserve and enhance them. They can guide you on the management actions requiring authorisation depending on the Natura 2000 classification of the plot. They can also help you to fill in the Declarations of Surface Area in order to obtain financial compensation linked to the application of Natura 2000. The management measures can be consulted on the link provided.

But also : 

  • draw up management plans and map your assets;
  • forestry investment advisers;
  • provide estimates for forestry parcels and properties, as part of purchases, sales, inheritances, gifts, leaving joint ownership, setting up a forestry group, etc.;
  • estimating losses: disasters, operating damage, expropriation, game damage, etc; 
  • legal defence.

Forestry experts are skilled and committed professionals, ready to offer their knowledge and expertise to help you with all your forestry projects, from preserving biodiversity to managing resources sustainably. Find the list of forestry experts belonging to the FNEF on their website.