Have you decided to sell your property? Put all the chances on your side to sell as quickly as possible and at the right price. Here are 5 tips that will help you sell your home in a respectable time frame and, above all, make your sale a success.

1. Allow potential buyers to project themselves

The first impression is the most important, especially when it comes to buying a property. Potential buyers must be able to project themselves. This is why we advise you to clear out the clutter in the rooms to make the most of the space.

How to de-clutter? 

  • Remove side furniture that can sometimes overwhelm a room
  • Change the orientation of the sofa if it is across the room
  • Tidy up the laundry room or the office, which are often rooms where things are stored

But don’t put everything in the garage or attic, which are often assets and must be presentable.

If your property requires major renovations, don’t hesitate to call in an architect who can draw up plans and provide them to visitors.

2. Bring in the light and nature

A bright and nature-oriented property will attract more visitors. Open your curtains and blinds wide and let the sun shine in.

If you don’t have an exterior, all the more reason to emphasise the light aspect inside the property.

On the other hand, if you have a beautiful garden, clear your window sills to free up the view.

3. Invest in small repairs

A broken doorknob, a tap that needs changing, a spotlight that needs replacing… All these small repairs can send a signal of neglect to potential buyers. Go around the house and fix what can be easily fixed so as not to discourage visitors.

And for rooms that are stuck in time, a little paint and some more modern furniture will be enough to give them a new lease on life to help sell.

If more extensive work is needed, don’t hide it and be transparent. Later, this could turn against you, and even be considered a hidden defect. You can also ask for quotes from professionals to help potential buyers plan their budget.

4. Bringing the outdoors to life

Your exterior is a real asset to your property. If your garden lacks maintenance, do something about it and bring it back to life, as it can increase the value of your property and why not trigger a love affair with visitors.

On the other hand, if it is too overloaded with furniture or garden decorations, sort it out. Once again, potential buyers should be able to project themselves into their new life.

5. Promote the assets of your property

If visitors have a crush on your property, it may be on an asset or a particular feature. So highlight them and talk about them during visits: an original wooden floor, high ceilings, 2 or more bathrooms, etc.

But don’t hesitate to talk about the surrounding area: close to a school, a bus stop, a bakery, etc.

A successful property sale starts with a correct valuation

The price of a property is not easy to define and depends on several factors (location, energy certificate, surface, etc.). A good price estimate is crucial for a successful sale. If you overestimate the price of your house, the sale may take a long time. The aim is obviously not to sell your house at a loss.

This is why it is often recommended to call on the services of a real estate expert who will be able to estimate your house as accurately as possible and thus help you to sell your property successfully.