Questions you might want to ask ?

  • Should I preserve the land if I do not have descendants who are willing to start using the agricultural land ?
  • What is the rental situation of my agricultural land ?
  • Can the tenant sell the operations for exploiting the land, in a priviledged manner to a descendant ?
  • When can I evict the tenant ?
  • Is it useful to bring agricultural land to a company ?
  • How can I increase the profitability of my farm land ?

Various regulations and laws on farm lease, along with the current situation, have impacted the profitability and value of farm land. The decisions that are taken now or in the future by various European or regional authorities do not allow us to foresee a return to a stable value or profitability for such types of properties.

How can comptoir Foncier help ?

The complexity of the laws and regulations on farm lease and the differences in value which result from the status of tenants, together with the situation and quality of soil, require the use of expert services in such a domain.

The Comptoir Foncier can help in order to :

  1. Evaluate and assess the farm land, in the event of a sale, a division, or for tax purposes (declaration for succession);
  2. Sale of farm land;
  3. Managing farm land through charging rent, drafting leases for farm land etc…;
  4. Optimizing profitability and availability of farm land, with independence and transparence, through an active and professional management.