Questions you might want to ask ?

  • Should I proceed with maintenance projects such as clearing, pruning, thinning, timber sale for mature trees ?
  • Is this time appropriate for selling this type of lumber ?
  • Which species should I replant depending on profitability and quality of soil ?
  • Do I have a plan to manage my forests ?

Investment in a forest is long-term and wood remains an essential raw material. In spite of certain fluctuations, such an investment has still offered a steady profit in the last thirty years. The value for such an investment is heavily influenced by the quality of management, the choices for plantation and the season for timber sale.

How can Comptoir Foncier help ?

The Comptoir Foncier can take charge of management of forest land and can offer advice to the owners.

It can make transactions, both buying and selling of forests and timber.

The intervention of Comptoir Foncier is often required for assessing forest land for buyers accounts, seller accounts, and in case of divisions and inheritance.