Comptoir Foncier
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Observations / Considerations

Questions you might want to ask ?

The property that I do not personally use, does it have sufficient value and how can I improve it ?

Is it efficient to sell now this or that type of property, depending on the real estate market ?

Should I preserve such property, taking into consideration the structure of my family ?

Which are the provisions that I should consider for my inheritance ?

After a decrease during 1980s, the market for castles, manors, mansions and villas is on the rebound since the beginning of 1990s.

How can Comptoir Foncier intervene

The Comptoir Foncier can initiate an assessment of your property, in order to proceed with a sale, a donation, a division or an inheritance.

The Comptoir Foncier has an active role in the brokerage of such real estate and has an updated list of potential customers.